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  • Lowest fees for kayaking Washington and the Pacific Rim.
  • Best kayak tour site for watching killer whales in America.
  • Kayak trips in the Orca Whale Sanctuary of Washington State.
  • Quick day tours or multi-day explorations of the smaller, more remote islands of Washington.
  • Top tier biologist/educator guides.
  • State-of-the-art fiberglass kayaks & kayaking equipment supplied.









Washington Kayaking Trips

Sea Quest Kayak Expeditions offers a range of guided kayak trips in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Our Washington kayak tours span from lively day trips, weekend kayaking getaways, and 3 to 5 day kayak tours to the outlying San Juan Islands along the border with Canada. This link will show you our entire menu of kayak trips in the San Juan Islands of Washington.

Kayak Washington State & Killer Whales

For more than 20 years, our small group of devoted professional kayak guides has focused on providing educational sea kayaking trips in Washington from one location - the killer whale waters of the San Juan Islands. Our Washington kayak tours are deliberately planned to generate unforgettable encounters with marine animals, particularly the astounding pods of resident killer whales.

The San Juan Islands of Washington state are the best location in the United States for watching orca whales. Within Washington, over 95% of killer whale sightings are made in a very small zone that fringes the extreme west boundary of the San Juans. Due to special protections, we call this the Killer Whale Sanctuary. Its the one place they visit on nearly every summer day to catch salmon and play. If you visit our map page you can see our kayaking routes stick to the orca whale waters to maximize your chances of seeing orcas. Sea Quest kayak tours have the best record of successful killer whale watching!

Our Washington kayak tours begin in the charming village of Friday Harbor, a popular vacation destination accessed by a scenic ferry ride, a short distance from Seattle. Other attractions include the San Juan Islands National Historical Park and the largest state park in Washington.

Sea Quest is the most experienced tour provider for Washington kayaking.

Quality and service are the hallmarks of our Washington sea kayaking tours. Our guides are reassuring, expert educators, and very entertaining kayak mates. Our safety skills and gear is the best among local outfitters. We will make your sea kayaking vacation comfortable, informative, extraordinary, and above all - fun!

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Kayaking Washington  - Trips in the Killer Whale Sanctuary
Sea Quest kayak trip being examined by a spyhopping killer whale - photo by Washington whale watching captain Jim Maya.

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Kayaking Washington - San Juan Islands' Killer Whale Waters