Kayak guide George leads tours in the San Juan Islands, Washington Georg has been involved with Sea Quest Kayak Tours for many years, going all the way back to 1991 when he picked up a hammer to help us build our kayak barn. Already a guided missile in other outdoor sports, he attacked sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands and never looked back. His teaching style is high energy, encouraging and extremely fun as measured by requests by repeat guests.

Having honed his skills leading kayak tours in the San Juan Islands, Georg has branched out to organize tours and instruct courses in the Great Lakes region, too. There he is famous as the “silent sports” guru and is frequently featured in the media ranging from public television to magazines.

Georg guiding a San Juan Islands Kayak Adventure

Georg loves sharing his exhaustive knowledge of local human history and frontier lore. If you want to know where all the ship wrecks are, go kayaking with Georg! When not kayaking, you will probably find him on a mountain bike mapping and designing new trails. Winter doesn’t slow him down as he instructs and leads winter rafting on icy rivers, skijoring with dogs, cross country skiing, snowboarding, and ice biking. Georg is one of those crazy people you might see flying down a snowy hill in a kayak!



Join Georg on a Kayaking Adventure in the San Juan Islands of Washington

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