[testimonial]”Martine, thank you very much for providing one of my best days ever. I have paddled for twenty-six years and always hoped to one day paddle with killer whales. You and your team gave me that day – and with my daughter to boot!” John Shier, Chicago, IL[/testimonial]

Kayak Expedition Director & Kayak Tour Guide Martine Martine is the all-time favorite sea kayak guide of our Sea Quest guests. They have proclaimed her to be the reigning “Orca Goddess” due to her uncanny luck in conjuring up close encounters with killer whales. Over a decade ago Martine became the expedition director of our organization.

Martine Springer got her degree in environmental education after spending a couple of years traveling around the country on board the bus of the National Audubon Expedition. She has lot’s of experience with young adventurers as a former instructor at the Imaginarium and the Alaska Center for the Environment. Martine has worked in a variety of remote locations, including a high altitude medical research camp on the slope of Mt Denali, Alaska.

Since then, she has settled into the life of a sea kayak guide, leading trips for Sea Quest over the past two decades in places ranging from Alaska to the San Juan Islands to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Her guiding prowess has been colorfully described by Tim Cahill in the January ’93 issue of Outside Magazine and by Bruce Barcott in the August ’94 issue of Men’s Journal. In 2001 Martine was featured in a television special concerning the San Juan Islands, Washington community of killer whales called “Cry of the Orcas”. The documentary focused on the conservation problems facing the continued survival of our local killer whales.

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