“Based on past experiences, I’d expected a young, male guide. Instead, we were given the gift of Superguide Sandy. I’ve sat around many campfires in my day, but never have I been so fascinated by the stories and experiences shared by Sandy. What a colorful and authentic character – she made the kayak expedition a success. Even though she’d rather be tracking than cooking, she made killer pasta and chili that we gorged on. She’s my new hero.”
Beth Morris, Garland, TX

Sandy is the most senior kayak guide in the San Juan Islands Sandy Chancey has been a sea kayak guide since the sport first arrived in the Pacific Northwest many decades ago. We have been fortunate to have her as a senior guide at Sea Quest Kayak Tours for many, many years.

Sandy is a top notch naturalists and has been studying the natural world for nearly sixty years. She owns one of the most extensive natural history libraries we’ve ever seen! Born and raised in Washington state, she grew up on family farms and ranches where she became a keen observer of animals and wildlife from an early age.

Besides teaching sea kayaking and leading kayak tours in the San Juan Islands, she also teaches a range of other outdoor activities from skiing to wilderness survival to animal tracking. Sandy often serves as a consultant to wildlife biologists who need to learn tracking skills to properly conduct their research.

Sandy has been deeply involved with the manufacturing of sea kayaks and freelances as the “kayak fixer” for all the tour group fleets in the region. Her tool collection rivals her library in size!

A happy group of San Juan Island kayak tour guests with Sandy Sandy has led a rich and unusual life. From herding livestock in the mountains, to working in the fashion industry, to competitive rodeo riding, or building a cabin, she has lots of great stories to tell around the campfire.

Alas, it may be difficult to hear her stories in the future on a guided kayak tour as she has announced her retirement at the tender age of 62. But, we think with the right group she can be coaxed back onto the water occasionally.

Sandy is wearing red and seated in the center of this photo. If someone has some better photos of Sandy in action, please email it to us!


San Juan Island Sea Kayak Guide & Naturalist Sandy

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