Sea Kayaking Adventures in the World’s Best Whale-Watching Waters

Sunset Whale Watching on a Sea Kayak Tour The kayak expedition was full of incredible sights, great laughs and enough adventure to get the adrenaline flowing – big time! Bob Barut, Prospect Heights, IL

Whale-watching from Sea Kayaks with Sea Quest Kayak Tours

All of our sea kayaking adventures are designed for whale-watching – it’s our specialty! Our paddling routes traverse the premiere whale waters in the proper seasons: orca whales in the San Juan Islands of Washington, humpback whales in the Inside Passage of southeast Alaska, and both gray whales and blue whales along the Baja California coast of Mexico. Sea Quest offers you the very best opportunity to see and learn about whales and other marine wildlife from the perspective of a sea kayak.

The Art of Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaks create an intimate bond between paddler and ocean. Gliding silently across the water’s surface in your kayak, you absorb the sea’s pulse through paddle and hull. Like the salmon and orca whale, you are compelled to respond to complex rhythms of wave, current, and tide. These primeval sensations have been experienced by kayakers for centuries. Ancient people of the far north traveled in many styles of sea kayaks. Lone hunters stalked the frigid waters in tiny boats often made entirely from animal skins and bones. Larger sea kayaks transported whole families, including sled dogs and supplies. The remarkable seaworthiness of kayaks allowed their originators to hunt even the great whales on the open ocean. Modern sea kayak adventurers have crossed the largest oceans of the world in these indomitable craft. The fiberglass kayaks you will use on our sea kayaking adventures represent a graceful blend of these enduring designs.

Why Use Sea Kayaks for Wildlife & Whale Watching Adventures?

In case you are wondering why we have chosen sea kayaks for our adventures, here is the answer: its a delightful way to visit beautiful areas and enjoy sensitive wildlife without causing any damage or lasting disturbance. We don’t even leave footprints! Kayaking is like backpacking, except everything is carried in your boat – not on your back! It’s more luxurious, too, since our sea kayaks can carry much more than you’d ever get on your back.

Our state-of-the-art expedition-equipped kayaks are swift and stable. Please don’t confuse these craft with tippy kayaks from the old days! If you follow our simple instructions you are sure to remain upright the entire trip. Your guides will quickly teach you the basics of sea kayaking, and the techniques will take little time for you to master.

Your Safety is Our First Priority!

Our sea kayak guides are chosen for their extensive experience in both sea kayaking and outdoor education. They possess all the skills and training necessary for a safe adventure: first aid, sea kayaking safety, emergency procedures, weather prediction, and good old outdoor wisdom. Every guide carries a marine radiotelephone to summon help if it is ever needed, and so your family at home can get in touch with you in an emergency.

Come join our sea kayaking adventures today!

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