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Birding Trip Fees & Bird Watching Tour Options – Washington State

American Kestrel postage stamp - see them bird-watching in Washington StateHere are the basic fees we charge for our bird watching tours in Washington state. Other options are available so let us know what your specific needs are! Let Mark know what birds you are looking for and he will know how best to achieve your goals. We also offer tours for larger groups such as clubs, museums, colleges, etc. Gift certificates for Washington birding tours are very popular!

Please note that birding tour fees shown are NOT per person, but are group rates! 
Length of bird watching trip1 or 2 persons3 or 4 persons5 or 6 persons
half-day tour (up to 5 hours)$129$169$199
full day tour (up to 9 hours)$229$319$369
2 day tour$219 / day$309 / day$349 / day
3 day tour$209 / day$299 / day$329 / day
sea kayak usage feeadditional $50 / day per person

Design your custom birding tour in Washington today!

Bald Eagles are abundant when bird-watching in Washington State and especially the San Juan IslandsThe trip fees above include the professional birding guide, spotting scope and tripod, and local birding guide books. In the San Juan Islands we can provide a van for your group at a rate of $1.00 per mile plus any ferry fares if applicable. For tours on the mainland of Washington, it is best if you provide a vehicle that can also accommodate your guide. The use of kayaks or ferry transportation are all available depending on your birding goals, however their use incurs additional costs. Multi-day tours on the mainland of Washington that require your guide to spend nights away from home incur a per diem travel expense of $95 per day. Tours that begin on the Olympic Peninsula or other mainland locations outside of the Seattle area always require at least one day’s per diem travel expense.

 Join us for Birding & Bird Watching Tours in Washington State

Remember, all of our birding tours in Washington are designed on a custom basis for just you or your group. If you’d like to start planning your Washington bird watching trip now, call us or send Mark an email with the following information:

  • Do you have any target species or birds that you absolutely must see? Or are you happy with whatever we find?
  • In addition to the region of Washington you want to go birding in, do you have any specific bird watching location you want to visit? (Such as a park, beach, mountain, or special habitat.)
  • What time do you want to start your trip? (We usually start quite early in the morning if you want to observe the terrestrial species. Later starts are fine for marine species and are sometimes preferable due to marine currents.)
  • Where would you like to rendezvous with your guide? (Usually we meet you at your hotel, but other locations can be arranged. If you already have your accommodations reserved, please provide us the address and phone number.)
  • Do you require ground transportation? (Our guides prefer to go in your car if you have one, but we can usually provide a vehicle in most cases if needed.)
  • Do you want the use of kayaks? (Some birds and marine mammals can only be seen reliably or up close from the water.)

Information on Birding Trips & Bird-watching Tours in Washington

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