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Orca Porpoising by Kayaks in the San Juan Islands

Hidden Toxins Threaten Orca Whales in the San Juan Islands

We are enjoying an excellent summer for whale-watching kayak tours in the San Juan Islands. We set a record for the most 80 degree days ever and orca whales have been very active – the perfect blend for Sea Quest guests! All three pods of the salmon-eating orca have been putting on consistent shows as they travel and hunt fish along our kayak route in the Salish Sea of Washington. The orcas, also known […]

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Whale’s Gift Restores Kayakers’ Spirits Christmas Day in the San Juan Islands

The current was weakening towards slack – the moment between tides when the sea becomes motionless and kelp bulbs expose themselves to the calm pewter surface of Puget Sound. As I contemplated the stillness from the cockpit of my kayak, I re-considered my choice of not notifying anyone of my plan for kayaking in the San Juan Islands this morning. It happened to be Christmas Day, my first since getting divorced, and I just […]

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The History of Sea Kayaking – Sea Quest Kayak Tours/San Juan Islands

Sea kayaking is a technology that is at least 4,000 years old. Peoples of the high northern latitudes (Greenland, Alaska, Russia, and Canada) were the first to invent wood- or whale bone-framed boats covered with a watertight skin. Some experts claim the Inuit were the first to invent these ingenious boats while others suggest it was the Ainu or Aleut. The modern name “kayak” is derived from the ancient Aleutian “iqyak“, meaning “man-boat” or […]

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San Juan Kayak Guides’ Vacation to Washington’s Remotest Island

What do kayak guides in the San Juan Islands do on their day off? Go kayaking, of course! At the end of June, my fellow sea kayak guides and myself had a couple of days off from our busy guiding schedule in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Washington. We wanted to make the most of it, so we organized an ambitious kayak trip from our base in Friday Harbor.

Our group consisted of my knowledgeable […]

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The Amazing Society of Killer Whales and Similarities to Kayakers in the San Juan Islands

The ocean is a deep and dark place. Haro Strait, our primary kayak tour route in the San Juan Islands reaches depths of over 400 meters. We sea kayakers enjoy the sunlit realm at the interface of air of water. But below 200 meters, there is no light and it becomes pitch-black and intensely cold. Even something as strong and fearsome as a killer whale could get unnerved while swimming through these inky depths. […]

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Bull Orca Spyhops in the middle of a Sea Quest Kayak Tour

Orca Whales Return to Kayaking Routes along San Juan Island, Washington

We’ve been enjoying numerous whale watching encounters on our kayak tours in the San Juan Islands since the orca whales of L-pod returned this month. Local whale biologists have gotten a full set of identification photographs for the entire clan and have determined that two orcas did not survive the winter after they left the Salish Sea of Washington state to hunt in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The Center for Whale Research […]

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Orca Whale Satellite Tagging Map of Washington

Killer Whale Satellite Tagging in Washington Puts Endangered Species at Risk

The controversial satellite tagging of killer whales in Washington has ended for 2013. We have posted twice before on this topic and the potential dangers it holds for the endangered orca whales that we enjoy on our kayak tours in the San Juan Islands. This year’s target was K-25, a young adult male born in 1991 that goes by the name of “Scoter”. The tag did not tear free of the orca whale’s dorsal […]

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Sea Kayaking Guides in the San Juan Islands of Washington

Sea Kayaking Guide Employment & Office Jobs Available in 2016

Can you think of a more rewarding summer job than guiding sea kayak tours in the San Juan Islands? Would you like to lead kayak trips in the best waters for observing orca whales in the United States? A location with over 5000 seals, eagle nests along nearly every mile of shore, and the site of the newest National Monument? Sea Quest Kayak Tours is looking for professional, mature, and fun people who desire […]

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Orca Whale Kayak Tours in the San Juan Islands

August Sightings Report: Orca Whale Kayaking Tours from Friday Harbor, Washington

August is an excellent month for orca whale watching on our kayak tours in the San Juan Islands. This orca whale sightings report is from August 2011 and should give a good indication of what to expect this month on our killer whale watching kayak tours in the San Juan Islands, near Seattle, Washington. In most years, San Juan Island orca whale sightings reach their peak in July, continue strong into August, and gradually […]

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Sunset Kayak Tours - San Juan Islands

Guest Review: Sunset Kayak Tour Made Our Trip to San Juan Islands Spectacular!

I booked the sunset kayak tour several months ago using the online booking system. The reservation process was seamless and professional. There were a total of six in our party ranging from 30 years of age to 63 – very close family. There was very wide range in athletic ability in our group and body size. Some members of our group could not get in and out of the kayaks without assistance, and many […]

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