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The History of Sea Kayaking – Sea Quest Kayak Tours/San Juan Islands

Sea kayaking is a technology that is at least 4,000 years old. Peoples of the high northern latitudes (Greenland, Alaska, Russia, and Canada) were the first to invent wood- or whale bone-framed boats covered with a watertight skin. Some experts claim the Inuit were the first to invent these ingenious boats while others suggest it was the Ainu or Aleut. The modern name “kayak” is derived from the ancient Aleutian “iqyak“, meaning “man-boat” or […]

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Sea Kayaking Guides in the San Juan Islands of Washington

Sea Kayaking Guide Employment & Office Jobs Available in 2016

Can you think of a more rewarding summer job than guiding sea kayak tours in the San Juan Islands? Would you like to lead kayak trips in the best waters for observing orca whales in the United States? A location with over 5000 seals, eagle nests along nearly every mile of shore, and the site of the newest National Monument? Sea Quest Kayak Tours is looking for professional, mature, and fun people who desire […]

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Announcing New Online Reservation System for Sea Quest Guests

Thanks to the suggestions of our kayak tour guests, we have implemented an online reservation system for making reservations with Sea Quest. The hard work is mostly over and it is now operational for our San Juan Island kayak trips. In the next couple of days we will be adding the >Alaska kayaking tours, the Washington birding tours, and Baja kayaking adventures. Please let us know if there any features that you would like […]

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