Kayak Rentals in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula

Sea Kayaking Rentals in Baja Mexico

Kayaking in Arroyo Blanco - Baja, Mexico Rental kayaks are not available in Mexico from Sea Quest. You might find another company that will rent kayaks in Baja, but we have no recommendations on which one to choose.

We stopped renting kayaks in Mexico as too many of our renters got into trouble. The most common problems were running out of water in the Baja desert, not being able to locate the safe landing beaches marked on their charts, and returning late due to navigation errors or high winds.

Marine communications are problematic in Mexico and there is no effective search and rescue facility. So you really need to be sure your skills can meet the demands of kayaking in Mexico’s wilderness. Baja kayak rentals are no longer available from Sea Quest.

Consider joining an expert Mexican guide on our Baja kayaking tours. They will keep you safe, hydrated, and well fed with local cuisine prepared like their mother taught them! Plus you will learn a lot about the wildlife and human history as they have lived in the region their entire lives. A guided kayak trip in Mexico with Sea Quest is a more enriching and safer choice than renting kayaks and going it alone.

Rentals Kayaks in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula

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