Sea Quest offers private kayaking trips and private lessons for individuals, families, children, and a variety of charter group types. We have been designing and planning these private kayak trips since 1989 and have experience in accommodating groups with every imaginable interest or special need.

Design a Private Kayaking Trip for Your Special Group

A private trip can be any length from a couple of hours to a week or more. We can accommodate single individuals up through groups ranging in size from 30+ participants! Regardless of your group’s size, our professional expertise will ensure that your private charter proceeds efficiently and safely.

Most private charters begin their planning by looking at our scheduled kayak tours to the San Juan Islands, Alaska, or Baja Mexico. Follow this link if you are attracted to even more exotic destinations. If one of our kayak tour itineraries looks perfect for your group, call us with your ideal time and dates. Then envision how any of our trips could be tailored to make it your own ideal adventure. We can answer any questions that you may have and may be able to recommend other options that will complement your individual needs.

We Specialize in Private Kayaking Tours for Families with Kids!

Sea Quest pioneered the use of special 3-person “triple” kayaks for families with kids in the San Juan Islands of Washington. These super stable kayaks are perfect for taking young children on tours in protected waters. Our triple kayaks allow us to accommodate kids as young as three years on private charter trips. The three-person kayaks are also useful for older family members and those with physical conditions that prevent vigorous paddling.

School and youth groups also find our large fleet of triple kayaks to be essential craft on their charter tours.

Private Kayaking Trip Concepts

Below are some examples of private kayak trips that we have organized. As you can see, we are prepared to offer private kayaking trips to groups with a wide range of goals and interests. Hopefully this list will inspire you to contact us and together we can create something very special!

  • Woman-only (with women guides, naturally!)
  • Father/son get-togethers and male bonding
  • Family reunions and special occasions
  • Families with young children (we use unique three-person kayaks for small children)
  • Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings on far-flung islands
  • Scouts and youth groups
  • Churches and spiritual groups
  • Schools and colleges
  • Natural history clubs and science museums
  • Naturalists and birders (see our birding tours webpage)
  • Photographers and film crews
  • Worker retreats and company outings
  • Recovery groups and healing retreats

Group Charter Tour Discounts Available

Group charter tours of ten or more persons and non-profits are eligible for a 10% or larger discount. Be sure to make your charter plans early!

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