The Discover is the premium quality expedition solo kayak made by Northwest Kayaks. The Discover is a favorite of professional guides and long-distance paddlers thanks to it’s speed and high storage capacity. This fiberglass speedster’s long waterline slices through calm waters and rough seas equally well. The Discover features super durability and dependable construction for those who insist on the best.

Discover Solo Touring Kayak by Northwest Kayaks

Used Discover Kayaks for Sale - Fiberglass Composite Discover Solo for Sale

We have two Discover solo touring kayaks for sale that are in excellent condition. One has an Aztec yellow deck and has been used for about 5 months. Another has a glacier blue deck and has been paddled for about 2 months. Both have oyster white hulls and black trim. The yellow Discover is priced at $2999 and the blue Discover is priced at $3199. Compared to the retail cost of $3500 including our customizations, this is a great discount for a used solo kayak in beautiful condition! You can also order a new kayak from us in any custom color combination you like.

Our Discovers are upgraded from the standard version with several important features. Ours are built with maintenance-free fiberglass bulkheads for the most strength, durability, and peace of mind. The standard backrest has been replaced by a custom back-band for greater control and comfort. The standard cockpit rim has been replaced with a custom rim with thigh hooks for improved control in difficult kayaking conditions.

Length17′ 11″
Cockpit Opening
35″ x 18.75″
Cockpit DepthFore 12″ / Aft 9″
Front Hatch9.5″
Rear Hatch16″ x 11″
Weight59 lb
Load Capacity400 lb

The Discover was inspired from designs originally created by Greenland Inuit paddlers. True to the native form, the Discover is very slender, sleek and low profiled. It shares the same design philosophy and uses the same super solid construction materials and techniques common to all Northwest Kayaks.

The Discover tracks well and carves sharp turns when leaned due to the soft chines. Other features include a modified-V hull and a retractable rudder with locking footbraces. We seldom need to use the rudder except in winds that exceed 15 knots.

The long waterline and narrow beam makes the Discover quite speedy. The narrow beam does reduce the initial stability somewhat, but on the other hand, the narrow beam makes it less prone to become unbalanced when powerful waves sweep past and beneath its hull, making the Discover a good choice for rough water. As such, it has been outfitted with safety lines around the perimeter to help make rescue operations more reliable.

Used Kayaks for Sale: Solo Touring Kayaks
for Sale on San Juan Island, Washington

The Discover carries a huge load for extended camping trips, but they are nimble enough for day paddling. They can handle open ocean, outer coast, calm inland lakes, and even Class 2 rivers. The Discover has become the most popular kayak among our guides for use on our camping expeditions, and many select it first for day trips as well.

For another $199 we can add a paddle, life jacket, and spray skirt that are all of top quality and in good condition and ready to be used. See our Used Kayaking Equipment for Sale page for more details. The total package of kayak and gear can be more than $1000 lower than the retail cost when new. The Discover models currently for sale have been used briefly, and exclusively by our guide staff. They look fantastic and are virtually new kayaks! Private carrier shipping is available anywhere in the US if you are not able to pick the boat up in Washington State and usually costs from $200-$400.

Used Sea Kayaks for Sale near Seattle, Washington

Be sure to read more details about used kayak sales on our main page about used kayaks for sale. The intro page explains why our kayaks are in such excellent condition compared to other kayak outfitters. Other helpful information will be found there, too!