Used Tandem Kayaks for Sale: Two-Person Seascape Expedition


Get ready for your next adventure by purchasing a Seascape Expedition, the finest expedition grade tandem kayak ever made! This kayak features the best balance between speed, maneuverability, and stability ever devised. Their durability is legendary, making them the favorite of outfitters and expedition kayakers who demand the utmost in performance, safety and dependability. Northwest Kayaks makes several models of Seascape tandems, widely recognized as the best two-person kayaks ever built. The Expedition is the top-of-the-line model and was designed for the most difficult sea conditions. Northwest Kayaks are built in the same factory that supplies components for the space industry. Their kayaks, and rowing shells for competitive racing, are built to aerospace quality. The former owner’s hobby of racing sea kayaks led to a side gig that gave birth to the Seascapes and many other excellent sea kayak designs.

Seascape Expedition Tandem by Northwest Kayaks

Used Composite Tandem Kayak for Sale - Seascape Expedition

Our used Seascape Expeditions for sale at $3699 are a bargain due to their superb condition. They are never rented and only used under the supervision of our guides! Unlike other outfitters, we do not drag our kayaks on the beach, thereby saving the keels from unnecessary damage. High wear points on deck are protected by a clear protective film. Even though these kayaks have been used, they will last your entire life and into the next generation.

The current batch of used Seascape Expedition tandem kayaks for sale have logged only 3 months of touring while under the strict supervision of our guides – never as rentals! The retail cost for Seascape Expedition tandems is over $5000 when including the important customizations we add. All in all, buying a well-maintained used double kayak in beautiful condition from Sea Quest is truly a bargain!

Our Seascape Expeditions are available in a variety of deck colors including oyster white, Aztec yellow, lime green, Caribbean green, and glacier blue – all with oyster hulls and black trim. Currently, only Aztec yellow, lime green, and Caribbean green are available in 2021. You can get really creative by ordering a brand new kayak in any color of the rainbow – if you are willing to wait until next spring for delivery. Different colors can be used for the various parts, including deck, hull, and trim such as seam tape and cockpit rims. Beautiful swirls, fades, and other custom effects can be ordered, too. You can order a brand new custom color Seascape from us and still benefit from our outfitter discount at $4499. If you let us use it for some kayak tours before you pick it up, your discount will grow bigger.

Our used tandem kayaks for sale include expensive upgraded features. We opt for fiberglass bulkheads that provide greater hull strength, more reliability in emergencies, and are maintenance-free. Our custom back-bands aid stability in rough water while increasing comfort. Heavy wear points on deck are covered with clear hurricane film so you will not find a used kayak with a prettier deck finish. Various other refinements have been made to improve both safety and ease of use. As the manufacturer’s most demanding and knowledgeable customer, we are often consulted for fleet improvements or asked to perform field-testing of new fittings, composites, and experimental models.

Length 20′ 10″
Beam 30″
Cockpit Opening
35″ x 18.75″
Cockpit Depth Fore 14″ / Aft 13″
Front Hatch 15″ x 9.25″
Center Hatch 16″ x 17″
Rear Hatch 20″ x 14″
Weight 95 lb
Load Capacity 850 lb

The Seascape Expedition double kayak was designed using Greenland Inuit principles. All the best high-performance kayaks that exist today come from core Greenland principles. They feature long, graceful curves, sharply tapered and up-swept ends, a modified-V keel bottom, soft chines, and flared sides. In essence, they look and behave exactly like an up-scaled high-performance solo kayak. But they are much faster, thanks to their longer water-line and “twin engine”! Speed usually reduces maneuverability and stability, but the key Greenland performance traits were retained by applying modern naval computer design programs during design. There are many very fast tandem kayaks in flat calm water, but the true test is to hold both speed and stability in huge storm waves. We have used fully loaded Seascape Expeditions to speedily and safely cross open waters in crashing 12-foot white caps. Despite cargo space that allows for wilderness tours of over two weeks without re-supply, Seascapes are the fastest and most stable expedition kayak in the world.

Seascape Expedition tandems are so versatile they can be used for short day paddles, too. The unprecedented design allows the Seascape Expedition to handle any water conditions from open ocean, outer coast, lakes big and small, and even Class 2 rivers. Our sea trials have included virtually every manufacturer’s tandem made and few have come close. Most are immediately rejected due to lack of quality and durability, and those that make the first cut usually fail miserably in performance trials. We prefer kayaks that can be depended upon in deep wilderness, that are tough as nails, resist damage despite an unexpected accident, and utilize fittings that can be worked with the smallest of field tool kits.

Used Double Kayaks for Sale on San Juan Island, Washington

The Seascape design family includes three fundamental models: the Seascape II, Seascape Expedition, and Seascape .5 (“Point 5”). The various Seascapes are now the dominant choice of tour companies and outdoor programs throughout the world thanks to their excellent performance, quality workmanship, and durability. Like most top-quality kayaks of the modern era, all Seascapes have watertight compartments in the bow and stern separated from the main hold by bulkheads. This provides convenient storage for your gear, but more importantly, it ensures vital buoyancy in an emergency.

For those seeking the greatest safety level available, you should know that the Expedition model features more than just the standard bow and stern compartments. There is also a high volume airtight compartment in the center of the boat that doubles the buoyancy found in most tandem designs. A center hatch provides easy access to this completely separate compartment. Besides greatly improving flotation safety, this huge storage area protects your gear from getting wet, and provides much greater rigidity and strength to the hull. The most responsible kayaking outfitter companies always choose the Expedition model if they paddle on anything but the calmest lakes. Here at Sea Quest we feel our guests deserve the highest level of safety and convenience possible, so we only use Seascape Expeditions, even if it costs us a larger investment in equipment.

We like all of the Seascape models, but strongly believe that each model has its own particular niche for differing water conditions. Which is right for you? Do you paddle paddle primarily in cold water? If so, you should opt for the added safety of the Seascape Expedition with its extra bulkheads and flotation. With proper practice, capsized kayakers using the Expedition can rescue themselves quickly, even in very rough water, thereby reducing exposure to hypothermia. If you paddle only in warm waters with little risk of hypothermia, then the Seascape II or Seascape .5 may suffice. On a related note, we thoroughly tested the Seascape .5 for a full year and determined that it is too short for use on open marine waters or other bodies that are prone to choppy wave conditions. We recommend the “Point 5” only for paddling on small lakes with warm water where it works extremely well as a speedy and stable substitute for the traditional canoe.

Seascape Expedition kayaks cost $5000 when new so our prices for carefully used kayaks are a great deal! For another $199 we can add a set of paddles, life jackets, and spray skirts for two persons. See our Used Kayaking Equipment for Sale page for more details. Although our kayaks are not new, they still possess a lifetime of usefulness and can be passed on to your children. Remember, our Seascape kayaks are always used under careful supervision by our guides, are never rented, and are never abused or damaged. They are in excellent seaworthy condition!

Used Sea Kayaks for Sale near Seattle, Washington

Be sure to read the information presented on our introductory page to our used kayaks for sale as it explains, among other things, why our kayaks are in such excellent condition compared to other kayak outfitters!

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