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Used Solo Kayaks for Sale: Tempest 165 & Tempest 170

The Tempest is the best high performance solo kayak made in America! The Tempest series from Wilderness Systems is the kayak we waited many, many years for. Several high performance kayaks were being made overseas but all suffered from abysmal quality standards or terrible outfitting. Our patience was finally rewarded when the Tempest appeared!

Tempests are extremely popular today and very difficult to find in 2021 due to the pandemic. This year we cannot restock and Tempests have become a rare find. We usually start off each year with a fresh fleet and are sold out by the end of each year, if not sooner! Rest assured, our Tempests are still in excellent condition after a single season of use. They are used almost exclusively by our guides, who fall in love with them immediately during training and often purchase one themselves. Our Tempests will last a lifetime, and regardless of how much your kayaking skills improve, you will never outgrow one.

Tempest 170 & Tempest 165 by Wilderness Systems

Used Solo Kayaks for Sale - Plastic Tempest 170 & Tempest 165
We cannot release any poly solo kayaks until mid-August. We need them all for the upcoming kayak touring season! But we can pre-sell them to people who are willing to wait to pick them up for $1599. We expect to have them all pre-sold before release so if you want a poly Tempest in 2021 this will likely be your best shot. We hope to get more in 2022, but material shortages have halted production for an unknown period so even this is in jeopardy. Until then, we recommend you check out our composite Tempest 180 or Seaward Vision if you need to get into a solo kayak before then. These are the only two solo kayaks we can release before mid-August!

LengthT170 – 17′ / T165 – 16’6″
BeamT170 – 22″ / T165 – 21.5″
Cockpit Opening
34″ x 18″
Cockpit Depth
Fore: T170 13.5 / T165 12.5″Aft: T170 9.5″ / T165 8.5″
Front Hatch10″
Rear Hatch18.5″ x 12.5″
WeightT170 61lbs / T165 57lbs
Load CapacityT170 350lbs / T165 300lbs

The Tempest kayak series has taken the Greenland Inuit design philosophy to its utmost. These kayaks lend themselves most favorably for paddling in extreme conditions by persons with bracing skills. The Tempest 165, being the shortest, narrowest, and having the most pronounced rocker is particularly well suited for playing in surf and rock gardens. The Tempest 180 (see our webpage for composite solo kayaks for sale) is best for packing gear on multi-day kayak tours. The Tempest 170 is the perfect compromise between them for those that can own only one kayak. Regardless, all Tempests are great for paddling in high winds, rips, and tidal races and your choice is usually made by how much gear you typically carry and/or your body size.

Adding to their ruggedness is construction from high-density, extremely rigid polyethylene plastic. They are a few pounds heavier than fiberglass kayaks of a similar size, but much lighter, stiffer, and smoother than earlier types of plastic kayaks you may have known in the past. You can crash land in the surf onto rocky shores, or accidentally drop your Tempest from your roof rack without damaging it beyond a few shallow scratches.

The most unique aspect of Tempests are their ultra-advanced seats. Their patented seats are without question the best in the world! They have two or three times as many adjustment points of any other kayak seat and nearly all can be changed nearly instantly while still paddling. The incredible fit virtually bonds your body to the kayak and results in the best balance and control you will ever experience in rough water. Advanced techniques such as rolling and bracing are made a great deal easier, too. Even if you avoid challenging waters, you will love paddling a kayak that features the most comfortable and hyper-adjustable kayak seat ever made.

Used Kayaks for Sale: Solo Kayaks for
Sale on San Juan Island, Washington

Used Kayaks for Sale - Solo Tempests for Sale

Rather than being outfitted with rudders, the Tempest series is outfitted with a retractable skeg that can be adjusted for any type of wind or sea conditions. A few other notable differences from our other solo kayaks include an extra bulk-headed compartment aft, with an additional “day hatch” for access. The cockpit outfitting provided by Wilderness Systems is beyond compare with any other manufacturer – the patented Phase3 system. The comfort, adjustability, and control provided by the cockpit fitting system is unparalleled in the world of kayak design and has set the bar for all other manufacturers to aspire towards.

Both models of the Tempest kayak for sale are fantastic for paddling on camping trips with full loads, but their capacity is more limited than our Discover kayaks, especially the slimmer and shorter Tempest 165. Both Tempests excel for day paddles and weekend trips, but if you wish to take off for a week you should choose the Tempest 170 and pack carefully. Like our other solo boats, Tempests can handle open ocean, outer coast, calm inland lakes, and Class 2 rivers, but you can also add surf zones, tidal races and rips, and rock gardens.

Normally, these boats retail for $1679 when new so our prices are very good for Tempests in excellent to pristine condition. For another $199 we can add a paddle, life jacket, and neoprene spray skirt that are all of top quality and good condition. See our Used Kayaking Equipment for Sale page for more details. Remember, our current bunch of used Tempests have been paddled very little and are in fantastic condition. Our solo kayaks are always used exclusively by our guides and therefore have never been abused or damaged. Common carrier shipping is available anywhere in the US if you are not able to pick the boat up in Washington State and usually costs from $200-$400 (for an exact quote call the trucking company of your choice).

Used Sea Kayaks for Sale near Seattle, Washington

We invite you to read our introductory page on used kayaks for sale as it discusses, among other topics, why our kayaks are in such great condition compared to other kayak outfitters!

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