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Used Kayaking Equipment for Sale: Paddles, Skirts, PFD’s and More

We offer a variety of used paddling gear to match the used kayaks for sale. The used kayak equipment offer great savings from retail prices. Used kayaking equipment can be purchased in starter packages or items can be bought separately. This is the same quality paddling equipment that we use on our kayak tours.

Used Werner Paddles for Sale near Seattle, Washington

Our Werner paddles are made locally and are considered by experts to be the best paddles in the world. They are all two-piece and can be used unfeathered or feathered either right or left. The paddles are 220cm, 230cm and 240cm and have been used for only one or two summers. The package prices listed on the individual used kayak pages includes the Skagit model. The packages can be upgraded to the Camano model with an additional $75 per paddle. If you require detailed specs on these used paddles for sale, please visit the Werner Paddles website.

Ala carte paddle prices: Werner Skagit paddle $99, Werner Camano paddle $179.

Used Snap Dragon Spray Skirts for Sale in the San Juan Islands

Our spray skirts are made locally by Snap Dragon, another high quality kayak equipment manufacturer. Depending on the used kayak for sale you choose, you can select a spray skirt made of either neoprene or vinyl (the same stuff dry bags are made from). The standard used kayak gear package for both the tandem and triple kayaks includes vinyl Deluxe Outfitter skirts. The solo kayak gear package includes an all neoprene Guide Trek skirt. If you require detailed specs on these used spray skirts for sale, please visit the Snap Dragon website.

Ala carte spray skirt prices: Deluxe Outfitter $59, Guide Sea Trek $89.

We have some nylon spray skirts made by Harmony that are extremely light-weight and best suited for personal use. Although we don’t use them for our tours, we keep them available for people who prefer the most comfortable skirt option. New Gripper and Clearwater skirts made by Harmony are selling at half off for $29. Visit the manufacturer’s websites for more details or come see them yourself on San Juan Island.

Used PFDs / Life Jackets for Sale in Washington

Our used kayaking gear packages include personal flotation devices – pfd’s (life jackets) – made by Extrasport and NRS. Depending on the size you choose, it may be either a Extrasport Challenger or Volksvest; or NRS Vista. They are specifically designed and shaped for sea kayaking and are colored red for safety visibility. Sizes include infant, youth, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and double extra large. We sometimes have deluxe guide-type pfd’s for sale, usually Extrasport Baja or Harmony Flex-fit, with more advanced fitting and pockets for radios and other safety gear.

Ala carte prices for regular pfd’s is $19 to $39 depending on appearance; guide-type pfd’s $59.

Kayaking Safety Gear for Sale near Seattle, Washington

Be sure to purchase a short kayak bilge pump, Wildwasser rescue float, an emergency strobe, and other safety gear when buying a used kayak. Don’t go paddling without them!

Ala carte prices: bilge pump $10; rescue float $40; waterproof chart of the San Juan Islands $25

Used Sea Kayaks for Sale near Seattle, Washington

Be sure to visit our on our central page about used kayaks for sale. The intro page serves as a hub to all the detailed pages on each used kayak model we have for sale.

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