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Sea Quest Kayak Tours – specializing in sea kayaking trips, kayak tours, and adventure vacations to the most important wildlife and whale-watching waters of the world for 30+ years.

Why Choose Sea Quest Kayak?

We offer premium quality sea kayaking tours with experienced kayak guides. Affordable kayak tours enjoyed by singles, family with children, & women trips.

30+ Years as the Foremost Kayaking and Natural History Experts

Sea Quest has been operating whale-watching sea kayak tours for 30+ years and our founders share a combined 60+ years of professional kayaking trip experience. We have the most modern and newest fleet of sea kayaks in the San Juan Islands. Our safety record is unequaled thanks to our commitment for intensive guide training. So join us for your next kayak vacation and experience the thrills and tranquility of sea kayaking with whales and marine wildlife.

Our Kayaking Tours Visit Prime Whale Waters – it’s Our specialty!

Our kayaking routes traverse the premiere whale-watching waters in the proper seasons: orca whales in the San Juan Islands of Washingtonhumpback whales in the Inside Passage of southeast Alaska, and both gray whales and blue whales along the Baja California coast of Mexico. Sea Quest offers you the very best opportunity to see and learn about whales and other marine wildlife from the perspective of a sea kayak.

Our Goal is Simple: We Want You to Have the Best Sea Kayaking Tour of Your Life!

Join us for a kayak adventure that offers the full range from energized fun to calm serenity. Our guides skillfully hand-craft every Sea Quest Kayak Expedition into a custom learning experience – one that will surely enhance your appreciation of our natural environment. Our kayak tours are mainly led by actual biologists and environmental scientists who double as highly-trained outdoor educators and sea kayak guides. This level of excellence distinguishes us from other outfitters and transforms your experience into an adventure in learning.

We Love our Work as Kayaking Tour Guides & Educators

A great leader is the key to your kayak tour’s success. Sea Quest guides are chosen not only for their extensive experience in outdoor education, but also for their wide-ranging knowledge of natural history. Our friendly crew of sea kayak guides loves kayaking, coastlines and the animals who live there. This pursuit has led us to explore the wildest places from Alaska to Baja and beyond in our sea kayaks. Our greatest satisfaction comes from introducing other people to our favorite places and natural environments. We have committed our lives to providing educational and recreational experiences to anyone who will join us in the adventure. Thanks to a lot of practice and hard work, we are now experts at introducing inexperienced travelers to the joys of sea kayaking.

YES, You Can Participate on a Kayak Tour!

If you can hike, bike, or swim, you can paddle our sea kayaks. Anyone in average physical condition may join a kayak tour. No previous kayaking experience is necessary! Nor do you need any swimming skills. The only prerequisite is a healthy spirit of curiosity and adventure. Regardless of your age or skill level you will find that our kayak expeditions offer enough flexibility to make your experience with us safe and rewarding.

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National Geographic chooses our San Juan Islands kayaking tours in “10 Best Trips in the World for 2011.”

Sea Quest Kayak Tours is on ABC News! See us Kayaking with Orca Whales in the San Juan Islands. View video now.

San Juan Islands Kayaking Trips in Killer Whale Waters of Washington – a World’s Top 10 Adventure Bargain!

San Juan Island Kayaking Trips in Orca Whale Waters in Washington State – Selected as a Top 20 American Adventure!


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Hidden Toxins Threaten Orca Whales in the San Juan Islands
We are enjoying an excellent summer for whale-watching kayak tours in the San Juan Islands. We set a record for the most 80 degree days ever and orca whales have been very active – the perfect blend for Sea Quest guests! All three pods of the salmon-eating orca have been putting on consistent shows as …
Whale’s Gift Restores Kayakers’ Spirits Christmas Day in the San Juan Islands
The current was weakening towards slack – the moment between tides when the sea becomes motionless and kelp bulbs expose themselves to the calm pewter surface of Puget Sound. As I contemplated the stillness from the cockpit of my kayak, I re-considered my choice of not notifying anyone of my plan for kayaking in the …
The History of Sea Kayaking – Sea Quest Kayak Tours/San Juan Islands
Sea kayaking is a technology that is at least 4,000 years old. Peoples of the high northern latitudes (Greenland, Alaska, Russia, and Canada) were the first to invent wood- or whale bone-framed boats covered with a watertight skin. Some experts claim the Inuit were the first to invent these ingenious boats while others suggest it …



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