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Sea Quest Kayaking & Adventure Quest Tours: About our Company

Sea Quest Kayak Tours Make our Guests Happy!

Our Goal is Simple: We Want You to Have the Best Sea Kayaking Tour of Your Life! Join us for a kayak adventure that offers the full range from energized fun to calm serenity. Our guides skillfully hand-craft every Sea Quest Kayak Expedition into a custom learning experience – one that will surely enhance your appreciation of our natural environment. Our kayak tours are mainly led by actual biologists and environmental scientists who double as highly-trained outdoor educators and sea kayak guides. This level of excellence distinguishes us from other outfitters and transforms your experience into an adventure in learning.

I felt very fortunate to have experienced my first kayaking trip with such an eloquent, knowledgeable, fun-loving, life-loving guide. He allowed me to truly enjoy the expedition because he warranted my complete respect and trust throughout the adventure. Great work on your planning. We had a fantastic time. Pretty exhilarating for a landlubber like myself! Julie Briggs Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

You Can Participate on a Kayak Tour!

Joyful Sunrises are Frequent on Kayak Tours & Kayaking Adventures with Sea QuestIf you can hike, bike, or swim, you can paddle our sea kayaks. Anyone in average physical condition may join a kayak tour. No previous kayaking experience is necessary! Nor do you need any swimming skills. The only prerequisite is a healthy spirit of curiosity and adventure. Regardless of your age or skill level you will find that our kayak expeditions offer enough flexibility to make your experience with us safe and rewarding. We will show you proper paddling technique and water safety before leaving the beach. Our sea kayaks are extremely safe and stable, yet swift and easy to maneuver with foot-controlled rudders. Due to their modern design and safety features, you will never have to “Eskimo roll”!

We encourage you to read through this website and give us a call if you have any questions. Remember, almost anyone can participate in a kayak tour. If one of our adventures feels right for you, don’t miss the chance! We’re ready to help you make the most of your vacation time. You’ll probably be one of our many guests every year who say “I’m so happy I decided to come on this kayak trip! I almost decided on something else, or to wait another year. I’m glad I did it now because who knows if I’d have another chance later.

Please click on Guest Reviews to read comments from those who have kayaked with us and you’ll learn why over half of our guests are referred to us by past participants.

We Love our Work as Kayaking Tour Guides & Educators!

Our friendly crew of sea kayak guides loves kayaking, coastlines and the animals who live there. This pursuit has led us to explore the wildest places from Alaska to Baja and beyond in our sea kayaks. Our greatest satisfaction comes from introducing other people to our favorite places and natural environments. We have committed our lives to providing educational and recreational experiences to anyone who will join us in the adventure. Thanks to a lot of practice and hard work, we are now experts at introducing inexperienced travelers to the joys of sea kayaking.

Your Kayak Tour Guides & Leaders

A great leader is the key to your kayak tour’s success. Sea Quest guides are chosen not only for their extensive experience in outdoor education, but also for their wide-ranging knowledge of natural history. You may be surprised to hear our guides referring to individual whales by name – that’s how familiar they are with their aquatic neighbors!

Each kayak trip features guides with academic qualifications and extensive kayak safety training. Sea Quest tour leaders are committed to provide you with the best experience possible – you will find them knowledgeable, enthusiastic, reliable, and above all, fun! Click here for more info on our sea kayak guides

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