If you are a beginner kayaker, you may have some frequently asked questions about your sea kayaking tour that are answered in this beginner kayaker FAQ.

Beginner Kayakers Can Enjoy Safe Kayaking with Sea Quest

At Sea Quest Kayak Expeditions, we pride ourselves on making your kayaking vacation a fun and memorable experience. If you can’t find the answer to your questions in the beginner kayaker faq, don’t hesitate to email us from our Contact page or call us at 360-378-5767. We are here to help you with your vacation planning in any way possible.

Your checklist was great and my husband was given complete and polite answers both times he phoned with additional questions. We were surprised at how stable our kayaks were as it was our first experience with this sport. We stayed perfectly dry too. Not only in the kayaks but also in our tent when it rained. The guide was outstanding…full of information about everything we saw, great sense of humor, articulate, and conscientious about everyone’s safety. This was the most fun and exciting experience our family remembers from any vacation. We’ve been raving to everyone about it. We plan to return on a longer sea kayaking trip next year! Our heartfelt thanks to you. Judy Fessenden, Camarillo, CA

Beginner Kayaker FAQ: Questions about our Sea Kayaking Adventures

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Do I need experience to join a kayaking adventure or will you teach me?

Is sea kayaking a safe activity and how is your safety record?

How stable are the kayaks and do they ever tip?

Will I be uncomfortable, cold or wet during the kayak tour?

Who are the kayak guides and what skills do they have?

What kind of people go on your sea kayaking adventures?

Are there age limits for the kayak trips?

Do I need to get in shape for the kayaking trip?

How much paddling will we do on the kayak tour?

When is the best time of year to go on a kayaking adventure?

Do we always get to see whales on the kayak trips?

Is it safe to be around whales in a kayak?

Where will we camp on the kayak trips?

Are there showers and restrooms available on the kayak tours?

What should I pack for the kayak trip?

What is the food like on the kayak camping tours?

What sea kayaking equipment do you use?

Do you provide one- or two-person kayaks? Triple kayaks?

Are there exceptions for paddling a solo kayak?

I already have experience. Will my kayaking skills improve?

Can I get more information on your sea kayak adventures?

How do I reserve my space on a kayak tour?