Our guests comments and opinions are extremely important to us. Each guest is provided an evaluation form at the end of their kayak trip so they may contribute their suggestions and ideas. These kayak trip reviews have led to most of the improvements we have made to our kayak tours over the years. We want to hear from you!

We think you’ll find it interesting to read a few comments from veterans of our sea kayak tours. We present several kayak trip reviews on this page that depict our overall commitment to excellence. However, if you’d like to read what are kayak tour guests have said about kayak trips they’ve taken in specific locations, you can go directly to those pages using the links below:

I wanted to thank you for an excellent sea kayaking trip. My father and I enjoyed your friendly guides and seeing the killer whales, porpoises, and other creatures at home in the wild. Happy summer. I’m sure I’ll see you again!
Lisa Larrabee, Sacramento, CA

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the guide Chris was not only highly informed, but he was also a wonderful cook and a great kayaking partner. He was able to identify all the breathtaking wildlife we encountered and tell us the stories of their evolution and placement in the cycle of things. He also was able to share a vast understanding of how the land was carved and how nature has miraculously survived the hardships of growth among humankind. Despite being a city girl far removed from my own environment, I felt a comfort and safety, which allowed me the freedom to fully absorb the beauty around me. This can be greatly credited to Chris’ competency as a guide and sensitivity as a person. Reading poetry by the campfire was an added treat. The food was a culinary surprise. I would never have expected such hearty, healthy, and delicious meals from the cargo hold of a sea kayak. I would give the overall quality of my experience the highest rating. I commend you not only for a wonderful vacation but also for the respect and sensitivity your organization holds towards the environment. Thank you again for a beautiful experience. Julie Anne Fiore, Revere, MA

The travel tips, packing instructions and checklists were very helpful and complete. Even as first-time rookies we felt well prepared! Alexandra is an outstanding guide. The depth and breadth of her knowledge is simply amazing. She taught us about plants, animals, marine life, geography, oceanography, history, and meteorology. She is an effective instructor, a caring over-seer, and a superb cook. And she inspires fun and laughter with her delightful sense of humor. Alex was always responsive to our requests for advice or help with special needs. She skillfully kept our pace challenging yet achievable. She helped us accomplish far more than I ever expected we could. Alex was extremely competent and that inspired our confidence – both in her and in us! Every piece of equipment we used was clean and in excellent condition. All meals were well balanced and delicious – the portions were very generous. Alex superbly prepared everything. Because every facet of the kayak tour was outstanding, the overall quality of my experience was superb! I would recommend Sea Quest Kayak Tours to anyone! Jane Debelak, Apple Valley, MN

Your checklist was great and my husband was given complete and polite answers both times he phoned with additional questions. We were surprised at how stable our sea kayaks were as it was our first experience with this sport. We stayed perfectly dry too. (Not only in the kayaks but also in our tent when it rained.) The guide was outstanding…full of information about everything we saw, great sense of humor, articulate, and conscientious about everyone’s safety. This was the most fun and exciting experience our family remembers from any vacation. We’ve been raving to everyone about it. We plan to return on a longer trip next year! Our heartfelt thanks to you. Judy Fessenden, Camarillo, CA

The gift of self is priceless – you have redefined ‘above and beyond’. The kayak trip was more than anyone had dared hope for. You were awesome. PS – See you next year! Tammy Belcher, Glendale, AZ

I am making a special effort to thank you for your flexibility and the extra time you took to make arrangements for me. All the extra effort paid off in a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. Kevin is a wonderful guide. All aspects of the kayak tour were top-notch. I plan to return to kayak with you again. Thanks for a premier sea kayaking experience. J Pizzino MD, Cary, NC

Your kayak guides are beyond words! Their expertise made the trip. What can we say… they were awesome, enthusiastic, and best of all they were just plain fun to be with! Michelle and Brian Feeley, Philadelphia, PA

The experience was full of incredible sights, great laughs and enough adventure to get the adrenaline flowing – big time! Bob Barut, Prospect Heights, IL

I would never go kayaking again without a biologist guide. We learned so much which gave us a deep appreciation of the wildlife, the islands, and the sea. Jim Williams, Tacoma, WA

I don’t have enough praise for your staff, they made the trip! Their joy and enthusiasm, wit and intelligence, and superior people skills surpass any guided tour I’ve taken before – diving trips, Outward Bound, all of them. Anne Norton, Wasilla, AK

I found the equipment to be of the highest quality and in very good condition. I don’t believe I have ever been so relaxed and at peace with myself after a vacation. As my boyfriend put it, ‘she didn’t stop smiling from the time we got back until she fell asleep that night’. Gloria Fields, Beaverton, OR

Being one with nature sea kayaking last week seems almost a dream now that we’re back to our busy work routine. We appreciated the organization and preparation that went into making the expedition so enjoyable and relaxing. It was interesting to learn about marine life, and thrilling to see the Dall’s porpoises leaping around the kayaks! The meals were truly gourmet, thanks to your good cooking – you made it seem easy to feed such a large group in the wilderness. The group felt safe and well looked after with your kayak guides. Thank you. Evelyn Anderson, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I’ve recommended Sea Quest to everyone. I was very impressed with how well organized the trip was. I learned a lot and had a great time doing it. Both kayak guides were loads of fun – which made the trip! They made it look effortless but I know they were always working. Thanks. Jane Akers, Seattle, WA

As long-time outdoors people lacking kayaking experience, we respect and appreciate the high quality of your services and your equipment. Sea Quest is truly a class act! Thank you doing such an outstanding jobs of introducing us to kayaking and to the natural magnificence of the San Juan Islands. Carolyn Altman, Portland, OR

Superb. Almost a dream like quality, it was so beautiful. As a solo traveler I was made to feel a part of the group. I will highly recommend you. Melinda Pratt, Tigard, OR

I felt very fortunate to have experienced my first kayaking trip with such an eloquent, knowledgeable, fun-loving, life-loving guide. He allowed me to truly enjoy the expedition because he warranted my complete respect and trust throughout the adventure. Great work on your planning. We had a great time. Pretty exhilarating for a landlubber like myself! Julie Briggs, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I loved the sea kayaks! They were so stable and beautiful. They were quite comfortable even though I am not very tall. The guide was wonderful, intelligent, humorous, and full of information. His meals were delicious and full of tender care. ‘Relax’ seemed to be the key word. I felt pampered and waited on the entire time. It was a five-day long high! Every second was magical. Every sunrise – every moonrise. The best, most spiritual experience of my entire life. It truly changed my perspective on life. I came home a different person! Joanne Derby, San Francisco, CA

A terrific kayak trip! Mark did an excellent job. I would recommend it to anyone. Dave Hoedemaker, Seattle, WA

Mark is an excellent kayak guide – very knowledgeable and good at passing that knowledge on to others. I enjoyed his humor and admired his integrity. He made everyone feel at ease and able to enjoy the experience. I’m recommending you to all my friends. Amy Wickham, Boulder, CO

Just wanted to thank you folks for a great vacation. We both appreciated all of your efforts to educate us to the ways of the kayaking environment and the ecology/zoology of Puget Sound. I was very pleased to benefit from your knowledge and experience – it added a lot to the beautiful setting. It is gratifying to know that individuals like you are making the commitment to study the environment and introduce so many ‘outsiders’ to nature. Keep up the good work. Mike Mogal, New York, NY

Absolutely the best! Both guides showed enthusiasm and knowledge far beyond what could be expected – exceptional people. Food was delicious and substantial. Vince Nibler, Berkeley, CA

I felt very secure with our guide’s knowledge of the local waters and his extensive experience. The food was excellent from the content to the presentation. We’ve come back once now already and I’m sure we’ll be back again. There’s nothing like it! Sarah Jackson, Cleveland, OH

Thanks for leading such a wonderful kayak trip. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Your incredible expertise and concern for excellence made the trip truly outstanding. I hope to make it on another tour again sometime. In the meantime, you can be sure I’m spreading the word! Dorle Vawter, Minneapolis, MN

As you can tell, I had a great time! It’s hard to believe that just a month ago, I was essentially at the ends of the earth. It was fantastic! Mark Hoffman, Redmond, WA

The staff was great. Everyone was not only experienced in kayaking but very knowledgeable about the region, sea life, geology, and more. It was a learning experience. Excellent! I would do it again in a flash. Brad Rodgers, Amarillo, TX

The kayak trip I just finished was a ball – an absolute joy in every respect. I had never kayaked before but I always felt safe. Everything provided was in tip-top shape and got the job done. I think that very special praise should go to the guides. They were excellent. More than any other factor, Martine made the kayak trip! Her very special personality stamped itself onto a great personal experience for me from the very first moment. The whole package was without fault. A-1 quality! Paul Bromberg, Bellmore, NY

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