Kayaking San Juan Islands

Whale’s Gift Restores Kayakers’ Spirits Christmas Day in the San Juan Islands

The current was weakening towards slack – the moment between tides when the sea becomes motionless and kelp bulbs expose themselves to the calm pewter surface of Puget Sound. As I contemplated the stillness from the cockpit of my kayak, I re-considered my choice of not notifying anyone of my plan for kayaking in the San Juan Islands this morning. It happened to be Christmas Day, my first since getting divorced, and I just […]

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San Juan Kayak Guides’ Vacation to Washington’s Remotest Island

What do kayak guides in the San Juan Islands do on their day off? Go kayaking, of course! At the end of June, my fellow sea kayak guides and myself had a couple of days off from our busy guiding schedule in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Washington. We wanted to make the most of it, so we organized an ambitious kayak trip from our base in Friday Harbor.

Our group consisted of my knowledgeable […]

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Orca Whale Kayak Tours in the San Juan Islands

August Sightings Report: Orca Whale Kayaking Tours from Friday Harbor, Washington

August is an excellent month for orca whale watching on our kayak tours in the San Juan Islands. This orca whale sightings report is from August 2011 and should give a good indication of what to expect this month on our killer whale watching kayak tours in the San Juan Islands, near Seattle, Washington. In most years, San Juan Island orca whale sightings reach their peak in July, continue strong into August, and gradually […]

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Sunset Kayak Tours - San Juan Islands

Guest Review: Sunset Kayak Tour Made Our Trip to San Juan Islands Spectacular!

I booked the sunset kayak tour several months ago using the online booking system. The reservation process was seamless and professional. There were a total of six in our party ranging from 30 years of age to 63 – very close family. There was very wide range in athletic ability in our group and body size. Some members of our group could not get in and out of the kayaks without assistance, and many […]

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Orca Whales Prevent Shark Attacks on Kayaks in the San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands would seem to be an ideal habitat for great white sharks, the species infamous for knocking kayak fisherman and surfers into the water off California and Oregon a couple of times each year. Our huge populations of seals and sea lions and cool waters must be very attractive to these apex predators. But to the puzzlement of many, great whites have never been recorded in the San Juan Islands or […]

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San Juan Islands Kayaking Tours – Keeping it Pure & Simple!

Being the first company on San Juan Island to provide kayak tours using professional standards, we’ve seen a lot of copy-cat companies pop up over the years. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so we should take some comfort in all of this mimicry. But we can’t help but feel bad for the folks that end up on kayak tours using sub-standard equipment, poorly trained guides, and no emphasis on […]

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Breaching Whale

July Sightings Report: Killer Whale Kayaking Tours – Friday Harbor, Washington

July was another superlative month for killer whale watching kayak tours in the San Juan Islands, near Seattle,  Washington. Orca whale encounters typically reach their peak in July and the weather is usually fantastic, too. This July did not disappoint – less than ½ of rain fell and high temperatures ranged in the 60-70s. Our out-of-state guests found welcome relief on their Friday Harbor kayaking vacations.

Orca whales were sighted by biologists in the San […]

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June Report: Kayaking with Orca Whales in the San Juan Islands, Washington

Our orca whale watching kayak tours in the San Juan Islands of Washington began well this summer and here is our success report for June.

Cetaceans (either whales or their small cousins the porpoises) were sighted on 80% of all our kayak tours combined.
We encountered killer whales on 80% of the camping trips!
Orca whales were sighted on 100% of our 5-day San Juan kayak expeditions.
The 3-day San Juan kayaking trips found killer whales on 75% […]

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YouTube Channel Videos: Kayaking San Juan Islands & Whale-Watching

Introducing our YouTube Channel for orca whale watching and kayaking San Juan Islands. Enjoy watching amazing professional videos of orcas and sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands of Washington state.
Our first San Juan Islands kayaking video is a fantastic professionally produced short feature made for the National Geographic Channel featuring killer whales and our Expedition Director, Martine Springer.

San Juan Islands Kayaking Videos on YouTube
We have just begun posting high-quality videos to our […]

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Rhinoceros Auklet in the San Juan Islands, Washington

September Report: Kayaking with Killer Whales in the San Juans – Farewell to Summer

September is a gorgeous month for kayaking in the San Juan Islands as it ranks as the third driest and warmest month of the year. September averages just a bit more than an inch of rain for the entire month so kayak camping expeditions are usually very comfortable. As the general tourism activities wind down after Labor Day, the San Juan Islands become a quiet escape for savvy kayakers.

Killer whale watching activity in Washington […]

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