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Sea Kayak Rentals in Washington State: Solo & Tandem Kayaks for Rent

Why Choose Our Kayak Rentals in Washington?

  • Best rental kayak prices in Washington state for top-rated cockpit style designs of superior expedition quality.
  • Best kayak launch beaches for killer whale watching.
  • We have a new fleet of fully equipped tandem and solo kayaks made for all sea conditions & open water use.
  • No hauling required! We can deliver kayaks & gear to the beach saving you both time and hassle!

Sea Kayaking Rentals in Washington

Experienced sea kayakers can now rent kayaks from the leading kayak tour provider in Washington state. Depending on your kayaking skills, you may qualify to rent a superior quality solo or tandem sea kayak in Washington for use in the San Juan Islands. Kayaking conditions in Washington are inherently more difficult than in other parts of the United States due to large tides, strong currents, and quickly changing maritime weather. Prior paddling experience is a must to rent our kayaks. Click here for our eligibility requirements for kayak rentals in the San Juan Islands of Washington state. Or give us a call to discuss your sea kayaking experience.

If you do not have the necessary skills and experience to rent a kayak on your own, consider taking one of our expert guides! Read about our guided kayak rentals in the San Juan Islands if you want a professional along to keep you out of trouble and provide lessons in all aspects of sea kayaking. This is an ideal choice for less experienced kayakers or first-timers who are nevertheless capable of planning and preparing for a camping trip. If you don’t have the necessary camping equipment or experience, we can take care of everything on a pre-scheduled or private kayak trip in Washington’s San Juan Islands!

Sea Kayak Rentals in Washington State: Solo Kayaks for Rent

This is the Tempest solo.

Sea Kayak Rentals in Washington State: Tandem Kayaks for Rent

This is the Esperanto tandem.

Sea Quest offers high performance kayak rentals in Washington of Esperanto tandems and Tempest solos. Both are expedition-style kayaks and the Tempests have the most adjustable and comfortable seats and fittings known to the sport.

Click kayak rentals on San Juan Island if you would like more information on rental kayak models we have available and to see our rental fees in Washington’s Puget Sound.

Sea Kayak Rentals Washington State

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