Kayak Rentals in Alaska

Sea Kayaking Rentals in Alaska

Sea Kayaking Rentals in Alaska are not available Sea Quest is currently not renting kayaks in Alaska. Kayaking conditions in Alaska are very challenging thanks to areas of swift currents, rips and large tidal amplitudes. Icy waters, the speed that inclement weather systems can move in from the Gulf of Alaska, and the remote wilderness solitude add further to the advanced sea kayaking environment of Alaska.

Renting a kayak in Alaska should only be done if you are an advanced expedition kayaker. If you get in trouble, you need to be able to correct the situation quickly. Otherwise, it can become serious very fast. Rugged geography and vast distances between ports means that it is very difficult to contact emergency help without a satellite phone. And any rescuers could take a very long time to arrive. For those reasons we have decided not to provide Alaska kayak rentals.

We do provide expertly guided Alaska kayaking tours in the best locations for observing glacial activity, whale watching, salmon migrations, and much more. Please consider a guided trip as a safer alternative to renting kayaks in Alaska.

Sea Kayak Rentals Alaska

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