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Kayak rentals in Friday Harbor: Quality Solo & Tandem Kayaks for Rent

Why Choose Our Kayak Rentals in Friday Harbor?

  • Best rental kayak prices in Friday Harbor for high-quality expedition-grade sea kayaks.
  • Best kayaking region in the US for killer whale watching.
  • New flotilla of fully outfitted solo and tandem kayaks designed for open ocean conditions & island crossings.
  • No car-topping necessary! We can trailer kayaks to the beach and save you time and trouble!

Sea Kayaking Rentals in Friday Harbor

Skilled sea kayakers can now rent kayaks in Friday Harbor. Depending on your kayaking experience, you may qualify to rent an expedition-grade solo or tandem sea kayak in Friday Harbor.  Kayaking conditions in the San Juan Islands are more advanced compared to other regions in North America due to big tides, powerful currents, and fast moving maritime weather. Kayaking experience, basic navigation, and self-rescue training is an absolute requirement to rent our kayaks. Please read our eligibility requirements for kayak rentals in the San Juan Islands from Friday Harbor to see if you qualify. Feel free to call us if you have questions about your skill levels for renting a kayak.

Not enough experience to rent a kayak on your own? Take our expert kayak guide with you on a guided kayak rental trip in the San Juan Islands. Our guided kayak rental tours from Friday Harbor are perfectly suited for folks with the camping experience necessary to manage their own meals and camping gear but need the expert assistance of a kayak guide for safety and navigation. Our guide can also provide lessons to elevate your skills for future trips. Of course, the simplest way to experience a kayak vacation is to join a catered kayak tour in Washington’s San Juan Islands or reserve a private tour and we’ll make it really easy for your!

 Solo Kayaks for Rent: Sea Kayak Rentals in Friday Harbor

Tempest solo rental kayak

Sea Kayak Rentals in Washington State: Tandem Kayaks for Rent

Esperanto tandem rental kayak

Sea Quest only rents kayaks that are expedition quality – no recreational or sit-on-tops. Solo Tempests and tandem Esperantos are high-performance sea kayaks designed for open ocean and rough seas. These quality rental kayaks are equipped with special outfitting that accommodate all body sizes and shapes while providing excellent control and comfort.

Continue learning more details about the rental kayaks we offer in Friday Harbor and the kayak rental fees at this link: kayak rentals on San Juan Island.

Sea Kayak Rentals Friday Harbor

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