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San Juan Islands Kayak Tour Itineraries & Kayaking Trip Descriptions

Why choose Sea Quest Expeditions for
your San Juan Island Kayaking Tour?

  • Best prices for sea kayaking tours in the San Juan Islands.
  • Best routes for kayak killer whale watching in the entire US.
  • Kayak past the stunning sea cliffs & lighthouses of the wilder western San Juan Islands along the Canadian border.
  • Featuring a National Monument, National Historical Park, National Wildlife Refuge, State & County Parks.
  • Camping on smaller islands in the San Juans with abundant eagles, otters & seals.
  • Best trained biologist/naturalist guides & top safety record.
  • Best and newest kayaks & paddling gear in Friday Harbor.

San Juan Island Kayaking Tours

Sea Quest Kayak Expeditions offers several different lengths of guided kayak tours from Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands of Puget Sound. Click on any of the kayaking trip headings to view more about that particular kayak tour along with a detailed itinerary. All San Juan Islands kayaking tours begin from Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

Afternoon / 1 Day San Juan Island Kayaking Trips

We are one of only three companies to offer kayak tours on the west side of San Juan Island to Lime Kiln “Whale-watch” State Park, the best place in the US to see killer whales. We have the flexibility to launch on the east or south sides of the island in response to the most recent orca whale-watching reports and weather forecasts. Total time for afternoon / one day San Juan Island kayak tours: 6 hours from pick up to drop off.

Morning / Half Day San Juan Island Kayak Tours

A quick introduction to San Juan Islands kayaking for those without much time. Great for seeing seals, eagles and other wildlife. Total time for morning / half day San Juan Island kayak tours: 3 to 4 hours from pick up to drop off.

Sunset / Half Day San Juan Island Kayak Tours

A great way to conclude the day with a tranquil sunset kayak tour in the orca whale watching waters of San Juan Island. Porpoises are very active at sunset and the entire host of marine wildlife is still active. Total time for sunset / half day San Juan Island kayak tours: 3 to 4 hours from pick up to drop off.

2 Day San Juan Islands Kayaking Tours

Our shortest San Juan Islands camping adventure journeys to one of the smaller islands that are accessible only to those with their own boat. Like all of our multi-day kayaking tours, we follow the main orca whale travel route for the entire trip to maximize our whale watching chances.

3 Day San Juan Islands Kayaking Trips

Our most popular length of all San Juan Islands kayaking trips. Enjoy remote islands and awesome scenery in the primary killer whale watching waters. Lots of eagles, seals, otters, and other marine wildlife, too!

5 Day San Juan Islands Kayak Expeditions

The classic tour for those who want to really soak up the ambiance of the San Juan Islands. Longer kayak expeditions mean more time in the prime orca whale watching areas.

Women Kayaking Vacations in the San Juan Islands

Guided by women, naturally! We have both 3 day and 5 day women kayak adventures on our schedule, but if you can’t find dates you like, call us to start your own custom San Juan Islands kayaking trip.

Kayak Lessons in the San Juan Islands

Kayak instruction combined with a Puget Sound camping adventure in the San Juan Islands. Training and lessons on all the skills to prepare yourself for independent kayak expeditions.

Custom San Juan Island Kayaking Tours

Have some special fun in Friday Harbor, Washington with your friends, family, co-workers, church group, school class or scouts. Private kayaking trips in the San Juan Islands can be customized in any number of ways, such as start and end times, length of trip, and special interest focus.

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