Guest Reviews of Sea Kayaking Adventure Vacations in the San Juan Islands

We love hearing from our guests after they return from their kayaking tour in the San Juan Islands. We use these comments and reviews to provide positive feed-back on the job we are doing and to help us refine the kayak tours and make them even better. So keep those suggestions and ideas coming!

We hope you find it helpful to read a some comments from folks who have experienced kayak trips and vacations in recent years.

My experience was indescribably phenomenal!!! We were surrounded by two pods of orcas, and because of this incredible experience with nature, I would rate the kayak trip as superb, and I look forward to my next excursion. The equipment’s quality made the experience even more enjoyable. Thank you so much for one of the greatest vacations of my life!Laura Liedtke, Beaverton, OR

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to your organization for the fantastic kayak trip in the San Juan Islands. The expedition was exceptionally well organized, and the pre-trip assistance and information I received perfectly prepared me for the kayak trip. I would like to make special mention of our guide. The trip would not have been nearly as pleasant without his organizational, planning, and motivational skill. He also demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the local animals (both land and sea), geologic development of the islands, and First Nation history and lifestyle as he led us while we paddled or hiked on the islands. He also prepared some outstanding camp cuisine. Thanks again for a memorable kayak trip. I look forward to paddling with you again.L. Scott Myers, Titusville, FL

First and foremost I cannot express enough the high praise and respect I have for the superlative efforts, judgment, stamina and skill of the lead guide and for the selfless efforts of his knowledgeable, supportive and endearing assistant. Both guides were the personification of “professional”. These two kayak guides showed up for “the job” and dealt with the weather and other mental obstacles with a good spirit and camaraderie. Professionals such as these are the true heart of your business. The San Juan Islands speak for themselves. The beauty was glorious… even rain could not dampen what Denise and I saw and became a part of. Indeed, our encounter with the three pods of orcas on the first day (many thanks to the alertness of our intrepid guides who positioned us so expertly) was testimony to what we experienced every day. I want to thank you for a great experience, I learned a lot about the area and how to kayak it. We shall return… maybe we’ll avail ourselves of your Alaska kayaking trips. Sea Quest has a good mission and does a solid job with integrity. I shall recommend Sea Quest to anyone wishing to paddle the San Juan Islands.Bill & Denise Girrier, Bristol, RI

My family and I have just returned from our incredible kayak tour in the San Juan Islands. Our sole purpose was to go kayaking with the orca whales. I can’t tell how happy we are that we chose Sea Quest Kayak Tours to guide us. What an inspiring day we had… orcas were everywhere! It was amazing! I have never been so afraid and so awestruck all at the same time. Thank you for such a memorable trip. It was the greatest birthday of my life!Kim Berger Portland, OR

I can state without hesitation that this was one of the great experiences of my life. I truly feel privileged to have been included in this trip which resulted in my developing a greater appreciation for the ocean, the geology of the San Juan Islands, and the animal and plant life in the area. The crucial ingredient in the success of this kayak trip was the guide. His range of knowledge about all aspects of the trip was truly astonishing. At all times he was supportive and encouraging and never made any member of the trip feel inadequate or incapable. Since returning home I have done nothing but sing the praises of your organization to all that I meet. I hope that this will cause others to take this kayak trip so that they can share this remarkable experience.Michael Siegel, Chicago, IL

I wanted to thank you for an excellent sea kayaking trip. My father and I enjoyed your friendly guides and seeing the killer whales, porpoises, and other creatures at home in the wild. Happy summer. I’m sure I’ll see you again!Lisa Larrabee, Sacramento, CA

Last Sunday I went on a one-day kayak trip with you. I just wanted to thank you and especially the guide for a wonderful day. This was a trip I’ve wanted to take for many years, but due to multiple sclerosis, I had put it off. This was the last year that I felt I would have the strength to go. If I had known my legs would give out that day, I never would have gone. Thanks to the guide’s understanding and compassion, it was a very special day. He went way beyond the call of duty getting me in and out of the boat. Thanks for the dream of a lifetime, and the memories of all those beautiful killer whales.Karen Young, Burien, WA

The guest reviews on this page pertain only to kayaking adventure vacations in the San Juan Islands of Washington. You can also read reviews from our other sea kayaking trip locations.

Guest Comments from San Juan Island Sea Kayak Tours

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