Sea Kayaking Vacations to the World’s Premier Whale-Watching Waters

For over 30 years we have specialized in creating unforgettable sea kayaking vacations to the most fantastic locations on our water planet. Our success has been founded on several key points:

  • We kayak only in the world’s best whale-watching habitats.
  • We provide outstanding educators / kayak guides.
  • We provoke and inspire your sense of wonder and curiosity!

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Superb. Almost a dream like quality, it was so beautiful. I will highly recommend your sea kayaking tours. Melinda Pratt, Tigard, OR

Sea Kayak Vacations in Whale-Watching Waters

In response to constantly changing weather, tides, currents, whale sightings, and the personalities of our guests, each kayak trip is skillfully hand-crafted into a unique adventure vacation. The nature of sea kayaking requires us to be as flexible and adaptable as the creatures we share the sea with. Flowing with the forces of nature will increase our chances of encounters with bald eagles, river otters, seals, porpoises, and orca whales in the Pacific Northwest. Carrying this same attitude south to Mexico could lead to seeing an osprey catch a coronet fish, swimming with dolphins, or even petting a gray whale!

Unforgettable Sea Kayaking Vacations

Orca Breaches in the San Juan Island - Kayaking Tours in Washington

Orca Breaches in the San Juan Island – Kayaking Tours in Washington

Our expert guides will make sure you get the most out of your sea kayaking vacation. They will lead you on hikes, snorkeling, tidepool excursions, share their ample knowledge of sea kayaking and natural history, cook great meals, and allow you time to just relax. Rest assured, your kayak adventure with Sea Quest will be unforgettable!

Kayaking tours are popping up everywhere these days and you may not be familiar with the locations being discussed. Naturally, you’d like to know what’s so special about our kayak tour routes and how they compare to trip locations you may have heard about from other outfitters. Click on the tabs at the top of the page or the links below to read more about them.

We believe these kayak tour locations offer you the best combinations of all the elements that make up a great kayaking adventure vacation. Join us and see if you agree!

Our Color Brochure can be downloaded here (1.3Mb pdf file).

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