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Used Triple Kayaks for Sale: Three-Person Seascape 3

The Seascape 3 is the best expedition grade triple kayak ever designed. It is perhaps the most versatile kayak ever made and its popularity ranges from adventure racing teams, long distance expeditioners, and families that need the safest kayak for taking children and the family dog out on the water.

Seascape 3: Three-person Triple Kayak by Northwest Kayaks

Used Triple Kayak for Sale - Three-person Seascape 3

We have two Seascape 3 kayaks for sale that are ready for your next kayak adventure! Three-person kayaks are used far less frequently for our tours compared to tandem kayaks so these kayaks are in lovely condition. The heavy wear points on the decks have been protected with clear hurricane film so you will not find a used kayak in better condition! Even though these kayaks have been used, they are in excellent seaworthy condition, and they will last your entire life.

For $3999 you can buy a triple kayak with an oyster white deck and oyster white hull with black trim that has been used for under three months. A much newer Caribbean green Seascape 3 with less than two months of use can be purchased for $4499. You also have the option of ordering a new one in any color combination for $5199 equipped with the extra custom features we consider essential as described below.

Length w/o Rudder
22′ 1″
Cockpit Opening
35″ x 18.75″
Cockpit DepthFore 13″ / Aft 12″
Front Hatch15″ x 9.25″
Rear Hatch20″ x 14″
Weight105 lb
Load Capacity900 lb

The Seascape 3 is very similar to the Seascape Expedition, but with a very useful distinction. It features an additional cockpit for a total of three cockpits. Here at Sea Quest Kayaking Tours we have made a commitment to provide the safest sea kayaks for our guests, so we have the builder add two additional bulkheads to our Seascape 3’s. Each cockpit in our triple kayaks is therefore separated by a water-tight bulkhead for unparalleled safety! Our custom bulkheads are not the foam or plastic kind that you find in most kayaks. Ours are made of fiberglass and bonded to the hull for the greatest strength and long-lasting durability. Another bonus is that our triple kayaks are outfitted for comfort with special backbands that replace the standard backrests. And finally, the center seat in our triple kayaks is quickly and easily removed to convert the middle cockpit into a storage area or comfortable spot for a large dog!

The Seascape 3 is both slightly longer and narrower that the Expedition tandem, providing an even faster hull speed. In fact, this is one of the fastest kayaks in production today. The deck is also a bit lower to reduce its profile in windy conditions.

Used Triple Three-person Kayak for Sale on San Juan Island

The three cockpits and four bulkheads make the Seascape 3 a highly versatile kayak. Families often choose this boat as the center cockpit is ideal for safely taking out children, seniors, and the family dog! The extra cockpit is also ideal for persons with disabilities who want to experience the enjoyment of kayaking. And finally, three able-bodied paddlers can really make this boat fly! But if you only have two paddlers, it can be used as a very fast tandem by covering the center cockpit with a hatch. The middle cockpit can also store a tremendous amount of camping gear so this kayak can also serve as a superb tandem for longer trips and expeditions. Our Seascape 3’s were specially built so that the center seat is easily removable in these situations.

For another $299 we can add a set of quality paddles, life jackets, and spray skirts for three persons – a big savings from retail prices. See our Used Kayaking Equipment for Sale page for more details. The kayak price alone represents an excellent savings off the retail cost when new! These triple kayaks are in fantastic shape and their decks still have a factory finish gloss. They will last a lifetime of use as our kayaks are always used under careful supervision and are never abused or damaged.

Used Sea Kayaks for Sale near Seattle, Washington

Please read the information presented on our intro page to used kayaks for sale as it explains why our kayaks are in such super condition compared to other kayak outfitters! Other useful info is found there as well.

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