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Do you seek warm beaches, sunny skies, uninhabited islands, and dazzling desert starscapes? Would you like to swim among colorful tropical fish, kayak with playful dolphins, and have a close encounter with a colossal whale? Then join a sea kayak tour along the spectacular coast of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula!

Fin Whales Approach the Kayaks: Whale-Watching in Baja Mexico The Forgotten Peninsula: Sea Kayaking Trips to Baja California of Mexico

A collision of two opposing realms: desert wilderness and fertile sea. Perhaps this best describes Baja California’s remote beaches and islands we visit on our Mexico sea kayaking trips. We offer sea kayak tours on both sides of this narrow peninsula – kayaking in regions that are amazingly different despite their nearness. On the Sea of Cortez side we visit the “Blue Triangle,” the only location in the world where blue whales and other huge species may be encountered by sea kayak. Many of the campsites we use here are part of an international biosphere reserve and marine national park. Over on the Pacific side we explore lagoons famed for vast herds of breeding gray whales, some friendly enough to be petted!

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Sea of Cortez – Loreto to La Paz Sea Kayaking Baja TourPeaceful Sunset while Kayaking in Baja

This is the classic Sea of Cortez kayaking tour route that parallels the spectacular Sierra de la Giganta – translated as “Range of the Giant.” Campsites are located on remote beaches of nearshore islands and on arroyo beaches that emerge through gaps in the picturesque sea cliffs. The multi-colored volcanic layers plunge steeply into the and sheer faces of rock march up to the top of the range only a few miles inland. No support boat or base-camp are used on this adventurous 10-day Baja kayaking expedition that begins from Loreto.

Sea of Cortez – Blue Whale Triangle Sea Kayaking Mexico Trip

Three wilderness islands, Danzante, Carmen, and Monserrate, form the corners of the “Blue Triangle” right in the heart of Mexico’s Loreto Islands National Park. Regarded as crucial winter habitat for blue whales, the islands are part of an International Biosphere Reserve and remain uninhabited by humans or livestock. We offer four flavors of this 6-day Baja kayaking trip. First, choose between a self-sufficient or motor-supported kayak trip. Then decide if you prefer a trip that includes a one-day gray whale-watching trip to the Pacific lagoons or one that utilizes this day for more Loreto Islands kayaking exploration. No base-camps are used on any the kayak trips that begin from Loreto so we are free to camp at a variety of lovely locations.

Sea of Cortez – Espiritu Santo Island Kayaking Base-Camp Tours

Spectacular Espiritu Santo Island – “Island of the Holy Spirits” – is an amazingly sculpted geological structure with many deeply carved finger-like bays piercing its western shores. This pearl of La Paz Bay is another fabulous location for Sea of Cortez kayak tours. White sand beaches, turquoise waters, excellent snorkeling, and friendly sea lions make for a memorable kayaking vacation. The super-comfortable base-camp is ideal for families and those who want a less vigorous kayaking adventure and a bit more luxury in the wilderness. Motor boats provide support and add luxuries such as ice for your desert drinks! Starting from La Paz, you can choose either 6 or 7 day kayak vacation.

Baja Kayaking Map & Whale Watching Tour Region

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Bahia Magdalena Whale Watching Base-Camp Tours

Vast Magdalena Bay is home to thousands of breeding gray whales. Dolphins and more than 100 bird species also overwinter, including flocks of white pelicans. Countless shipwrecks stud the seemingly infinite outer beach beyond the dunes and a maze of mangroves lines the lagoon. These 4- to 6-day whale watching tours use motorized boats to get to the remote base-camp. Motor boats also take us out for close encounters with the gray whales. Sea kayaking is done in the mangrove estuaries.

Gray Whale Watching Day Trips from Loreto

This is included on some of the “Blue Whale Triangle” kayak tours that originate from Loreto, Mexico. Whale sightings are virtually guaranteed on this one-day whale watching tour that uses a 22 foot motorized skiff. It is a stable vessel and cameras are welcome to photograph the whales as they breach, spy-hop, fluke, nurse and mate. Other common wildlife include dolphins, sea lions, pelicans, and thousands of shorebirds. Your naturalist guide will do his best to find the friendly whales that like to get petted!

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