Sea Kayaking in Sea of Cortez: Loreto to La Paz Kayak Tours Baja

You likely have some frequently asked questions about your sea kayak tour in Baja Mexico that we answer in this Baja Kayaking FAQ.

Here at Sea Quest Kayak Expeditions, our goal is to make your kayaking adventure a fun and memorable vacation. If you don’t find your questions answered on this Baja Kayaking FAQ, please email us from our Contact page or call us at 888-589-4253.

Baja Mexico Kayak Tour FAQ

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Do I need experience to kayak in Baja or will you instruct me?

Is sea kayaking safe and what is your safety record?

Are the kayaks stable and do they capsize?

Will I be uncomfortable and wet during a Baja kayak tour?

What is the weather like on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula?

What about other nasty things like insects and spiny plants in Baja?

Who are the kayak guides and what skills is their training?

What kind of people go on sea kayaking adventures in Baja Mexico?

Are there age restrictions for the Baja kayak tours?

What condition do I need to be in for a kayak tour in Baja Mexico?

I already have sea kayaking experience. Will I improve my abilities?

Do we see whales on all of the Baja kayak trips?

Is it safe to be around whales in a sea kayak?

What is the food like on your Baja kayaking adventures?

Where will we camp on a Baja kayak tour?

Are there bathrooms and showers available on the Baja kayak tours?

What should I bring for the Baja kayak trip?

Is your sea kayaking equipment any good?

Do you supply one- or two-person kayaks?

Are there exceptions for using a solo kayak on a Baja kayak tour?

Can I get more information on your Baja kayaking adventures?

How do I reserve my space on a Baja kayak tour?

Baja Kayaking FAQ for Paddling Trips in Mexico