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Olympic Peninsula Birding Tours & Bird-Watching Trips

Hermit Warbler - Birding Tours on the Olympic PeninsulaJoin local natural history authors for bird watching tours on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. Scott Atkinson and Mark Lewis are available to lead Olympic Peninsula birding tours, as well as lower Puget Sound, and the Washington’s ocean coast. Scott was raised in Puget Sound country and is an elite birder and botanist. Mark resides on San Juan Island where he is an expert on birding, marine mammals, and more.

Join a Bird-Watching Trip on the Olympic Peninsula

Sooty Grouse - Bird-watching in the Olympic National ParkJoin Scott on a bird watching trip to some of Washington’s hottest birding spots: Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, Olympic National Park, Ocean Shores, Westport, Sequim, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, and others.

Specialty species of this region include those listed for the San Juan Islands bird-watching tours, plus numerous pelagic species that can be seen from shore, such as Sooty Shearwater, Cassin’s Auklet, and Black-legged Kittiwake. Other featured specialties include Golden Eagle, Blue Grouse, Spotted Owl, Rock Sandpiper, Hermit Warbler, Hutton’s Vireo, and more! Be warned that in recent years locating Northern Spotted Owls has become very difficult in Washington and requires extra travel and hiking.

Other Locations for Bird-watching Trips & Birding Tours in Washington State

Birding trips are also available in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, Puget Sound and elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest region. Click on the links below to learn about our Washington bird watching tour locations:

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To reserve your custom birding tour the Olympic Peninsula, please visit our Fees & Options page where you will find a list of questions that we need answered to properly plan your bird-watching trip. Email your answers to us via our contact page or phone (360) 378-5767.

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