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Travel and accommodation information for southeast Alaska sea kayak tours. Accommodations info and travel tips for kayaking vacations to SE Alaska.

Travel to Alaska Kayak Tours and Rentals

Traveling to Alaska – Sea Kayaking Alaska Adventure Tours

Our Alaska kayaking adventure tours begin from either Petersburg, AK or Whittier, AK, depending on which Alaska kayak tour itinerary your choose. Both are small Alaskan towns with a quaint feel, unique Alaska culture, and frontier histories. Astounding mountain and glacier scenery dominate their landscapes, while fishing fleets fill their harbors.

Travel Advice for Sea Kayaking in Alaska

Air Flights

Most people choose to fly to Alaska and Alaska Airlines is the dominant carrier, usually offering the best fares and the most departures to fit your kayaking vacation schedule.

Alaska Ferry

The ferry from Washington is the favorite of kayakers who have more vacation time to savor. It is a relaxing and scenic cruise, with stops in many isolated coastal towns in British Columbia and southeast Alaska. The ferry is capable of taking cars and campers to Alaska.

Viking Travel

(800-327-2571) is our recommended agent for planning your vacation travels to our Alaska kayaking adventure tour destinations. They are based in Alaska and their local experts will advise you on how to plan your trip before and after your Alaska kayak adventure with Sea Quest. As a bonus, they have a special relationship with both Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Ferry for obtaining excellent fares.

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